Avoiding Fees When Looking for Currency Exchange at Auckland Airport

Currency Exchange at Auckland AirportBuying currency at the airport is, in general, to be avoided if you can. The best way to go about it is it order online and arrange to pick up at the airport. For Auckland airport, you can do this solely through Travelex, who have 10 stores located across both international and domestic terminals. Ordering online is one way to get a better rate for currency exchange at Auckland Airport.

Why order your money online?

To secure a competitive Travelex foreign currency rate today.  There are many reasons why you should order your travel money online. It’s so easy, with just 3 simple steps.

All online orders are commission free and you receive a competitive foreign currency rate. It also allows you to lock in the exchange rate at the time of your order to avoid ongoing currency fluctuations.

Pre-order your travel money online in just 3 easy steps:

  1. Choose your currency
  2. Choose your store and date for pick-up from Travelex at Auckland Airport
  3. Enter your details and buy your currency online

To compare online rates and fees, visit our comparison page.

Tips and tools to save your money

There are many small money saving tips that don’t require you trawling around the city for the best exchange rate. We’ve condensed them here for you:

  • Simply ask

A lot of money exchange services will offer you a better rate if you ask for it. The worst they can do is say no, so there’s no harm in asking!

  • Compare exchange rates

There are many tools online now that allow you to compare money exchange rates for that day. This can be particularly important if you’re buying large amounts of currency such as $1000 or more. You can either compare these rates online through handy comparison tools, or by phone.

  • Watch out for fees

Don’t forget that a lot of places that will charge a more favourable exchange rate have higher fees – it’s important to take both into account when converting your money.

  • Travel money versus Travel card

If you’re going on holiday, we generally recommend that you take some money in cash, as a lot of destinations will still only accept this form of payment for many of the necessary activities such as taxis from the airport. However, it’s not the safest option carrying a wad of cash, not to mention annoying for you, so we would recommend getting a travel card to suit you. Shop around for these, or read our reviews on the ones we think are best.

Case Study

George was due to fly to Italy with his girlfriend a week from today, and decided that he wanted to buy his currency in cash rather than use a card. He thought it would be easier this way for him to track his spending.

As he has used Travelex for many years in the past, he decided to go into the store and order his currency from there. It was such a quick and simple process: George chose his currency of Euros and decided how much he wanted to have for the trip. Travelex then converted his NZD-EUR and arranged with him which location he wished to pick it up from. This was especially handy for George, as instead of worrying if he brought the money with him when they packed and left for the airport, he simply organised which of the 10 locations he needed to pick up at Auckland airport. It was simple, quick and easy – George and his girlfriend even made it to the flight early!

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