International Money Transfers: Handy Western Union Review

Western Union ReviewWestern Union Reivew: There are many parts to Western Union international money transfer. It is made up of various departments which offer services such as:

  • Person to person money transfers
  • Money orders
  • Business payments and other commercial services


There are also more obscure and fun sounding services such as Cablegrams, Candygrams, Dollygrams and Melodygrams!


The Currency Shop says:

  • A company that is a specialized currency provider will be more likely to offer better rates and lower fees.
  • Use online comparison tools to compare rates of foreign exchange, the fees charged and the services provided from a number of providers.
  • OFX, HiFX and World First are ideal places to compare rates of exchange.


What we will cover

This article will explore:

  • How Western Union’s exchange rates compare to others.
  • How much Western Union charges to send and receive international currency.
  • The ease of making a transfer with Western Union.
  • The time it takes for an international money transfer to go through Western Union.


How Western Union’s exchange rate compares to others

We will soon add Western Union to our providers comparison page.


Fees involved in sending and receiving international currency through Western Union

If you are sending up to £20 online then fees start at around £4.99, but Western Union do not charge a flat rate fee like most banks. Fees and charges all depend on the amount of money you are sending.


How easy is it to make a transfer?

You can seek out a local Western Union agent or you can simply do it yourself online. If you have all of the information you need handy, then the process shouldn’t take any longer than twenty minutes.


How long does an international money transfer take through Western Union?

If you are transferring money that is to be picked up in person in another country then it normally takes less than an hour. If you are sending money to a foreign bank account however, it can take up to five days.


Can you use a credit card when sending money overseas using Western Union?

Yes, you can, which is unlike most banks. If you are converting your funds to a different currency then Western Union will apply a currency exchange rate. The difference between the exchange rate you are given and the one that Western Union gets for itself is usually kept by Western Union (or their agents). This is in addition to the transfer fee.



The advantages of using Western Union include being able to transfer currency direct to a foreign bank account.


Case Study

Mark needs to transfer money to his friend who is setting up a business for them in South Africa. He has decided to use Western Union.

He finds it an easy option as he can do it online and the rates are made very clear to him.  The funds are received into his friend’s South African bank account and they are available within five working days.

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