Thorough Review: Clever International Transfers with WorldFirst

International Transfers With WorldFirst LogoWorldFirst was launched in 2004 and with an aim to undercut the high costs many big banks charged for this service.

The founders, Jonathan Quin and Nick Robinson, started out working in their apartment in London but if you fast forward to today the company has 7 offices spanning the US, UK, Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore and Japan.

The Currency Shop Says:

  • WorldFirst has some of the most competitive rates for sending money abroad.
  • Their website is simple and easy to use.

What will this WorldFirst review cover?

The most important thing is to get a clear idea of the cost involved with sending money through WorldFirst. In the following, we’ll explore:

  • Can you trust your money to WorldFirst?
  • What fees should you expect?
  • How can you send or receive money overseas through WorldFirst?
  • Is WorldFirst recommended?

Can you trust your money to WorldFirst?

WorldFirst UK Limited is the parent company of WorldFirst in the US/Canada. They hold all licenses required by law to operate within the US and Canada (and other areas they do business).

World First USA, Inc. is registered in the USA, corporations file number: 4971976) and is registered as a Money Services Business in the United States. For more information click here.

What fees should you expect?

Fees – The fee structure of WorldFirst is extremely simple.

You pay nothing for transactions over $10,000.

For anything under $10,000 you pay $10.

With regard to transactions ranging between $250 and $1000, it’s best to handle them online. For larger amounts, you can complete the transaction via telephone (or online).


Exchange rates – WorldFirst’s website features a handy comparison tool which will show you current interbank exchange rates. Unfortunately, these rates are not necessarily what you’ll get, to be sure request a quote.

How can you send or receive money overseas through World First?

WorldFirst provides three simple steps for people wishing to transfer money:

  1. Book a rate
  2. Transfer Money
  3. Receive confirmation

Like all online financial services, the first step is setting up and verifying an account. To do this properly you need to clarify whether you plan to use it for business or personal uses, and then proceed accordingly. You’ll also need the bank details of where you plan to send money. Next, select the bank you want to send to, the individual receiving the money, and indicate in which currency you want to send.

Transfers can be made on the phone, online or through an Android or IOS app.

How to fund a WorldFirst Transfer?

You can approach this in two ways:

  • Online/telephone Banking: This typically arrives the same day or the following morning.
  • Currently, WorldFirst does not accepted credit cards. You can use WorldFirst to transfer in US Dollar, Great British Pound, Euro, Australian Dollar, Canadian Dollar, Japanese Yen, Indian Rupee and Mexican Peso.

Unfortunately, the company does not publish a full list of currencies on their site, so to be sure contact WorldFirst.

Is WorldFirst recommended?

For businesses relying on their banks for international transfers, WorldFirst can represent a more competitive choice. They’re also good for individuals who like to do everything from their phone.


  • Easy registration and setup process.
  • Simple online payment platform.
  • Competitive terms for businesses.


  • WorldFirst has a minimum transfer amount of $500. This is higher than most other money transfer specialists and it can pose a problem if you want to transfer small amounts.
  • They do not have an office in Canada.

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