Useful Tips On How To Save Money When Travelling To Germany

Save Money When Travelling To Germany


Germany, the heartbeat of Europe. Here you’ll find silent forests, snow-capped mountains, winding river valleys overlaid with history, mythology, and modern glamor. When you decide to visit Germany, you’ll find the food, culture and most importantly the beer leaves a lasting impression. With virtually endless options for fun and entertainment, make sure you get your travel money strategy organized ahead of time. Below are some basic tips and tricks on how to save money when travelling to Germany.


Where should I look for the best exchange rate?

The internet is the best place to do a quick survey of best exchange rates. You have the freedom to hone in on the best rate and hopefully find it with additional fees as well. How do you go about this? Check out an easy to use online comparison tool.

If you like to do things yourself feel free to check out the following provider’s rates and fees:


Things You Should Know About Currency Exchange

To check out helpful tips when buying currency, click here


How Much Cash Should I Bring to Save Money When Travelling To Germany?

Germany is an extremely modern country and you can get by with a card almost everywhere, but the smart traveler always has some cash on hand in case of emergencies. So, how much should you actually bring?

Depending on your desired budget and style the cost of the trip and vary a lot. Here are some baseline prices:




Low (€60) Mid (€60-100) High (€150>)

€15-25 per night

Standard hotel

€60-100 per night

Luxury hotel

from €150 per night



Average restaurant

€20-30 per person

Dinner at top restaurant



€2.70 single ticket


€40-50 (Schoenefeld Airport to Mitte, Berlin)

Car rental

From €50 a day

*All prices are estimated in Euros


The Best Card To Use In Germany

Visa, MasterCard, and Amex are all accepted widely in Germany. Amex usually won’t cut it at a small business though. If you like to stick with your credit card when traveling, check your cards details. Some cost substantially more than others to use abroad.

Fees and charges related to conversion rates are usually where the added cost comes in, speak to your provider and be sure you understand these before proceeding.

If you want to use your credit card with some of your own funds, this can be one way around cash advance fees. But be aware that in doing so you are waiving some of your fraud protection.

Germany is a pretty safe country but travel insurance is a smart choice if for no other reason than peace of mind.


Using Your Debit Card in Germany

An alternative to credit card usage is direct purchases and cash withdrawals on your debit card.

You won’t be able to dodge fees completely this way either — mainly to do with international currency conversion fees and ATM use fees, and some cards are far worse than others. Be sure to compare pricing ahead of time.

Some US banks have relationships with German ones, this can mean reduced or waived ATM fees.

For further advice and the most recent tips on how to get travel money for Germany, feel free to talk to one of our experts at The Currency Shop today.

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