The Best Ways to Take Money to Italy

Art, history, culture, architecture, passion, food, and stunning natural geography — Italy is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Every year millions of tourists flock to Italy for fun, adventure, and to soak up the sun.  If you’re planning a trip to Italy this guide will help walk you through the best ways to take money to Italy and save on your trip.


take money to Italy

Where Can You Find the Best Travel Money Rates for Euros?

Before you buy your travel money be sure to check a few different options, the differences in rates and fees can be quite a lot. The simplest way to go about this is our free comparison tool. This tool saves you the time it would take to visit a few currency exchange shops or to call your bank.

Knowing all your options is just one more way you can protect yourself from high fees and bad exchange rates.

If you prefer to do it on your own feel free to check the following banks and money exchanges:


Things You Should Know About Currency Exchange

To check out our top tips when buying currency, click here


How Much Money Should I Bring to Italy?

The currency used in Italy today is the Euro. Being such a popular tourist destination, Visa and Mastercard are widely accepted.


Want to withdraw cash? Italian Bancomat (ATMs) can be found all over the country. When you use an ATM, you will receive euros at the exchange rate dictated by your own bank. If you’re using a credit card remember you could get tagged with a 4% fee.

If you can find a fee-free ATM card or a bank with existing partnerships in Europe these can be good routes to getting cash without high fees.

Arriving without a bit of cash on hand is not advised. Bancomat (ATM) fraud is not unheard of in Italy, so preparing ahead of time or making a few big withdrawals is probably smart. So, how much should you actually bring?

Depending on your style and budget this can vary a lot, here are some basic guidelines:


DAILY BUDGET Low (€100) Mid (€100-250) High (€250>)

€15-25 per night

Standard Hotel

€110-200 per night

Luxury hotel

from €200-450 per night

Pizza or Pasta


Sit down Restaurant

€25 – 50 per person

Fancy Restaurant

€50 – 150 per person

Bus, subways


Ferry to Capri

€35 round trip

Car rental (Fiat 500)

From €105 a day

*All prices are estimated in Euros


Using your Credit Card in Italy

Using a Visa or Mastercard credit card will pose you no problems at most well-established businesses in Italy.

If you enjoy the convenience of paying for travel with credit cards, do your homework. Some will cost you a lot in foreign transaction fees, so be sure to check with your provider before you fly out.

If you take a cash advance on your credit card, know that you’ll likely be paying a high interest-rate and foreign transaction fees. These are best avoided unless it’s an emergency.

Travel insurance is generally smart and some credit cards offer a few traveler protections — check the fine print and compare it to your needs.


Using Your Debit Card in Italy

Simply using your debit card is a straightforward way to make over the counter payments and get cash.

There will be fees (of course) — these are mostly due to currency conversion and using foreign ATMs. What you will pay varies card to card. Some American banks have relationships with European ones which can mean waived or reduced fees and charges for ATM use. Compare prices and terms before choosing.

For the most current information on the best card for your Italian travel needs, feel free to talk to our travel money experts at The Currency Shop.

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