Handy Tips On How To Save Money When Travelling In Spain

save money when travelling in Spain

Spain, the country of exotic beaches, relaxed people and vibrant history gives off an air of passion and sophistication. If you’re planning a trip to Espana we can help you with these amazing tips on how to save money when travelling in Spain. Spain, like much of the rest of Europe, uses the Euro as its currency. The Euro’s value is pretty similar to the Dollar but be sure to check the exact rates to save money. For the easiest, smartest and most cost-effective ways to spend on your next trip in Spain read on.


Save money when travelling in Spain by looking for the best exchange rate

Check in with a few banks or currency exchange outlets and you’ll see quickly that rates can vary quite a bit. The solution? Instead of exhaustive shopping around, we’ve created an easy tool to help you see where the best rates are for your travel money.

Or, if you prefer the DIY, method feel free to check these options yourself:


Helpful Tips About Currency Exchange

To check out our top tips when buying currency, click here


How Much Money Should I Bring to Spain?

In Spain, most Cajeros Automaticos (ATMS) will accept US credit or debit cards. Take notice, though, a 1-2% fee is generally applied to any withdrawals on top of the exchange rate defined by your bank.

It’s best to have some cash on you when you arrive so you can deal with taxis and food hassle-free. It’s also good to have a reserve if ATM’s aren’t handy. So, how much should you actually bring?

Spain is a country where you can go really big or small, this, of course, depends on your personal style and budget. A basic guideline is listed below.




Low (€80) Mid (€80-175) High (€175>)

€15-25 per night

Standard Hotel

€65-140 per night

Luxury hotel

€140-200+ per night

Set cafe menu



€20-40 per person

Top Restaurant

€150-250 meal for two

Bus, metro

€1-2 single ticket


€30 between city and airport (Barcelona & Madrid)

Car rental

Starting at €25 a day

*All prices are estimated in Euros


Using your Credit Card In Spain

If your credit card is a Visa or Mastercard you’re going to do just fine in Spain. But don’t forget foreign transaction fees, most credit cards have them. Research yours ahead of time so you know what you’re being charged. Give them a call if online material isn’t making sense.

International ATM fees can become expensive quickly. This can be avoided by loading your card with your own cash. By doing so, you can skip on some of those harsh cash advance interest rates, but be aware that, you may be eliminating some of your protection against fraud in the process.

In some cases, travel insurance may fill the gaps in fraud protection, and in general is a good idea for overseas trips.


Using Your Debit Card in Spain

Some people prefer debit cards over credit cards and for those folks, there is always the option of direct debit purchases and ATM withdrawals.

There are still fees (of course) — these charges are mostly due to currency conversion or foreign transaction fees. Know your fees ahead of time so you can make an informed choice. Also, some US banks have relationships with banks abroad, and can waive some fees for ATM use.

For the most in-depth advice on how to save money when travelling in Spain, talk to our team of currency experts at The Currency Shop.

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